The University of British Columbia in Canada will present the 2020 International Public Scholars Award.

Application procedure for the International Public Scholars Award at the University of British Columbia in the UK. Visit the University of British Columbia Scholarship Portal to find out how to apply for the International Public Scholars Award for the 2020–2021 academic year.

You must have heard about the 2020 International Public Scholars Award if you are reading this.

We will methodically lay out how interested and qualified people should apply for the International Public Scholars Award in this post.

Education Description
This award is a part of the Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) at the University of British Columbia, which aims to create a community, connections, and capacity for doctoral students who want to explicitly link their doctoral work to an area of public assistance and integrate more extensive and professionally applicable forms of scholarship award into their doctoral education process.

To fund creative scholarship that the candidate would otherwise not be able to pursue, up to $10,000 twice, for a total of $20,000, is available. Funds may be utilized for:
A research budget (including allowance for professional development, travel relevant to the scholarly work and so on).
if the applicant’s present financing does not permit the alternate project, a student stipend (s)

Funding is made available for 30–40 new applicants each year. Candidates could be qualified for renewal for a second year (pending new PSI funding).

Several candidates have contacted us with inquiries like;

How Do I Apply for an Award for International Public Scholars?
Is the International Public Scholars Award Application available?
The University of British Columbia Scholarship will begin when.
I want an update on my University of British Columbia scholarship, etc.
Scholarships at University of British Columbia.
accessible topics
all of the university’s courses.

Nationalities and Benefits Eligible
Students from all around the world are eligible to apply for this grant.

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Up to $20,000 per student, or twice the first $10,000. (At most two years.

Years 1–5 doctorate students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver (PhD, EdD, and DMA)
By August 31, 2020, candidates must have finished their PhD studies in no more than 48 months.
As of September 1, 2020, applicants must be enrolled in a doctorate program at UBC.
Only in the most unusual cases can applicants in their sixth year (48 to 60 months of PhD study) be admitted.
Standards for all supported students:

report submission at the end of their first (and, if applicable, second) year of financing

PhDs Go Public, a Network event featuring a presentation of their work.

At the conclusion of their financing or engagement, all participants—students, teachers, and collaborators—will be required to submit a questionnaire. student dissertations, graduation rates, and professional outcomes

All participants—students, instructors, and collaborators—will be expected to answer a questionnaire at the end of their funding or participation. Student dissertations, graduation rates, and job outcomes will all be taken into account when this pilot project is evaluated.

Selection Criteria:


prior achievements and the student’s potential. It would be essential to get a sense of how well the student fits the proposed topic, as well as their range of interests and achievements.

Alignment of the project with PSI goals to promote and support a more thorough understanding of PhD education, so that:

Students learn about the settings and academic specialties they might successfully pursue after graduating.The university ensures that student work is of the greatest caliber by evaluating it as part of the degree, demonstrating that it is valued by the institution.
Students benefit from expanded job prospects and help the public see the value of a PhD in a good light.
Through diligent scholarship, students may contribute to the public good in a variety of ways.
the caliber of the planned research. The following elements will be considered:
High degree of competence in the discipline(s) and/or methodology is required for the task.
The objectives are clearly stated, practical, and they highlight key issues.
It is suggested that you have done enough research on the issue and comprehend it.

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To accomplish the objectives, suitable approaches are suggested.
Plans to document and share the work are pertinent and efficient.
The endeavor is significant and is most likely to benefit the general welfare.
Need for alternative financing
The initiative’s cross-disciplinary scope will also be taken into account.
What to Do
Now accepting applications.

The following link’s “Further Information” section allows you to download the following two files: 2020-2021 PSI Fellowship Application and 2020-2021 PSI Fellowship Application Instructions

Fill out the application form in accordance with the instructions.

Upload your Canadian Common CV and the completed Application form to this site as one PDF document (see instructions for details).

After the form has been downloaded, you can rename it to alter and save it.

Your letter writers should visit this page for the required supervisor letter of support and the optional letter(s) of support from collaborators. You may access the page and provide them the link.

(6) This brings your application to a close.

Before applying, it is required to review all of the requirements on the Scholarship Award Webpage (see the Link below).

Visit the Award Page for More Information

The application date for the 2020 scholarship awards is June 12th. Application submissions must be received by the deadline, if not earlier.

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