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Bridal Material Friday 20th May 2022 zee world: On Bridal Material Friday 20 May 2022, Roma shoots at Vivan, but Pammi comes in front and bears the bullet. Vivan rushes her to the hospital with Meera. He panics and asks doctors to treat his mom soon. Doctors take Pammi to OT and then shift her to ICU after removing the bullet. Vivan then calls inspector Brar and asks to arrest Roma as she shot his mother Pammi.

Meera gets emotional seeing Pammi’s condition and says not only Roma who is responsible for Pammi’s condition. Vivan asks what she means. She says he came to India from London to take revenge on Pammi Ji and he is also equally responsible for her condition. Vivan is shocked. Their argument continues. The nurse informs us that Pammi’s condition is critical. Doctors rush to ICU.

Vivan shatters seeing Pammi’s condition and prays to god to punish him and not his mother thinks what will he say to Amaya. He reminisces Amaya telling whenever rhe feels heavyhearted, he should cry and not control himself. Amaya comes running with Nimmo and consoles him. He hugs her and says she and Meera were right, he was wrong. Meera says when a child is afraid of a parent’s life, his fear is pure, she wants to hold his hand like a true friend, but then thiks a son wanted to punish his mother, she wants to hate that son.

After some time, Vivan and Amaya peep into ICU and see Meera taking care of Pammi. Amaya tells Vivan that nothing will happen to maa as Meera bhabhi is with maa. Vivan also walks into ICU and feels guilty for hating his mother, he apologizes and says he wants her in his life. He sees Roma losing her pulse and calls doc. Meera performs chest compression. Doc enters. Pammi revives and opens their eyes. Vivan gets happy. Doc praises Meera and asks how did she save the patient’s life. Meera says they are taught not to lose hope till the end of the game. Roma tells they both saved his life and giving their hands to each other says she wants them to be together always. They both look at each other. A romantic song plays in the background.

Bridal Material Friday 20th May 2022: Vivan and Amaya bring Pammi home. Dolly does her aarti in punjabi style. Vivan says welcome home mom and takes her in. Meera comes running and hugs her saying welcome home Mrs. Singh ji. Pammi says everyone is right that she is too crazy/jhalli, they teach in SKU not to act motherly with mother-in-law and never speak out their heart to her, but Meera has already done that, so she wants Meera to be her daughter. Dolly says Meera is really hall, she should touch Pammi’s feet. Pammi says no when Meera and Meera are together, they should touch feet together. They both touch feet. Meera takes Pammi in. Amaya taunts Vivan that he is smiling as if he is married just now. He asks to take mom in and thinks he has married long ago, but realized it now.

Dolly shows cake to Pammi and asks to give Meera SKU marks as she prepared it. Pammi says she taught to prepare cake at SKU, but never taught culture, only a wel cultured mother like Dolly can teach culture to her daughter Meera. She apologizes them for misbehaving at SKU. Dolly says forget the past. Pammi says she will teach preparing different cakes to Meera and cuts cake. Vivan feeds her cake and thinks he will give whole world’s happiness to Meera.

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