Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update

Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Meera after breakfast illuminates Dolly that she will market and goes out. Vivan sees her and says he is going same way and will drop her in market. Their eyes lock and sentiment begins. A heartfelt melody plays behind the scenes.

Vivan drops her in market. She gets down and says she will go from that point. She goes to specialist’s home and portraying anything that she is seeing these days asks justification for these fantasies, a man like Vivan attempting to kill a young lady, young lady admitting her affection for man, and so on. Specialist says new eyes will find opportunity to adjust to the different cerebrum and she might envision things. She doesn’t get persuaded

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. Doc’s significant other requests that she unwind as Vivan loves her a great deal and she can trust him. Meera strolls towards entryway when she sees Vivan coming. Vivan thinks what is she doing here and asks her. She says she came for doc’s test and inquires as to for what reason did he come here. He says he has some work with doc. She says she will sit tight for himself and they can get back together. He anxiously says he has a few work on the way and will arrive behind schedule, she can return home. Meera heads back home reasoning Vivan generally used to set aside opportunity to enjoy opportunity with her, something is off-base. She gets back, yet acknowledges she failed to remember her handbag at doc’s home and heads back.

Vivan compromises specialist and his significant other not to tell about his past to Meera. They propose not to conceal anything from Meera as she confides in him a great deal. He cautions to do as he says, else they understand how he can treat them. They get apprehensive. Meera strolls in and is stunned to hear Vivan’s reality. She says she detests him and never figured he would double-cross her. He apprehensively says he cherishes her and concealed his past for the wellbeing of she. Meera shakes him and he understands he was simply envisioning. She picks her tote and leaves with him. Vivan drives vehicle. Meera envisions Paromita/Vivan’s ex runningb beind Vivan asking not to let her be and a truck squashing her down. She yells no.. Vivan stops her and asks what has been going on with her. She doesn’t say anything. They return to home base.

Bridal material on zee world, Friday 24th June 2022 update: Cart meets senior sanctuary woman who tells that Vivan is concealing things and is a danger to Meera’s life, he will go to any degree to shield his mysterious and even might hurt Meera. Cart gets stressed for Meer and gets back..

Precap: Dolly illuminates Meera anything that sanctuary woman told. Meera figures Vivan can’t hurt her even in dreams. Vivan awakens at 12 PM while Meera is sleeping and leaves.


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