Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 update

Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 updateL Cart takes Meera to sanctuary woman. Sanctuary woman sees Meera and she is the young lady who confides in her better half aimlessly. She causes Meera to sit and holds her hand. Meera sees same young lady Paromita being dismissed by a man and she coming before truck and kicking the bucket. Woman says this young lady’s eyes are relocated into Meera, so Meera is seeing this young lady’s past. She proceeds and cautions Meera not to trust her better half when Vivan enters and kicks kumkum plate and cautions lady to quit tricking honest. Meera and Dolly are stunned to see this. Woman says he fears tolerating his past. Vivan cautions her again to avoid Meera. Woman cautions Meera to generally doubt Vivan. Vivan requests that Meera trust him and brings her back home.

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Vivan brings Meera back home and getting heartfelt with her gives Soni Kudi Academy/SKU’s keys and says after mother, no one but she can do equity, she is the most qualified individual to deal with SKU. Meera says her fantasy was to join SKU, presently she will educate there. He says she is fortunate to get most qualified single man as soul mate and ought to trust him. She shies. He embraces her from behind and get close when she envisions Paromita and head out in different directions. Vivan asks what occurred. She gets more strained. He requests that she unwind, all that will be okay after tomorrow’s pooja.

Bridal material on zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 updateP: Next morning, Vivan and Meera go to pooja with others when Meera envisions Paromita and somebody killing a man and takes off from that point overreacted. Vivan strolls to her and asks what has been going on with her. She requests that he rejoin pooja, sh e will come later. She tracks down copied photograph and implores god to show her a way. She gets retailer’s call who says he neglected to tell that he has introduced CCTV cameras at his shop and she can come and actually take a look at film. She thanks really great for showing her a way..

Precap: During pooja, Vivan and Paromita’s photograph falls before Meera. Meera goes up against Vivan to make sense of his relationship with Paromita.


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