Bridal material on zee world, Sunday 26th June 2022

Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022  During Meera’s theatrics execution when entertainer fires Meera with counterfeit weapon, Vivan yells he didn’t shoot. Everybody stand confounded. Meera quietly sneaks off and calls Vivan as Paromita and requests that he meet her where they met last time. He apprehensively says she is dead. She cautions to come to their standard spot, else verification will be out. Vivan arrives at Paromita’s home and asks who is she, why called her. Paromita strolls down steps saying she has returned. Vivan stands stunned and asks how might she be alive, he himself..Meera says he killed Paromita, she needed to hear that. Vivan acknowledges it is Meera and not Paromita.

Meera inquires as to for what reason did he kill her. Vivan says he didn’t kill her. Meera asks then for what good reason did he run behind her and shot her, Paromita cherished him genuinely, however he shot her. She runs out saying she can’t cherish a man who killed somebody. Vivan runs behind her and asks what is she talking about. She says he shot her and runs towards speeding truck. Vivan yells Paromita stop, I will do anything that you say. Meera stops and gets back to him and says he told truth now and inquires as to whether he recollects that he ran behind his eventual spouse and shot her. Vivan says he ran behind Paromita with firearm, yet didn’t fire her, another person could have. Meera says he generally lied, how to believe him, she won’t ever believe a man who broke a young lady’s trust and won’t have any significant bearing sindhoor from his hand, she can’t stand him. Vivan argues to avoid that, he cherishes her a ton and can successfully recover her trust. She requests to get confirmation of his blamelessness first, then she will think.

Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022 : Vivan and Meera get back and rest on their beds. Rabba… song..plays behind the scenes. Meera dreams of Vivan shooting her, however a veiled individual with tatto on her hand and nail clean on her fingers firing Paromita, killer drops weapon and departures. Vivan hurries to Paromita and asks what has been going on with her. Paromita says she needed to get mangalsutra from her hand, yet had chance from same hand, she will return and history will rehash. Vivan sees firearm on floor. Paromita kicks the bucket. Meera escapes rest and thinks who that woman was who shot Paromita, assuming Vivan is guiltless or on the other hand assuming that she is getting affected by Vivan, tomorrow she will figure out truth at police headquarters.

Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022 : Meera arrives at police headquarters where controller takes out Vivan’s document and says Vivan was available at setting however didn’t shoot Paromita. Vivan enters RTO office on whose CCTV camera murder episode was caught and argues official to give him CCTV film, however official throws him out. Vivan returns camouflaged as cop and gets CCTV film. Overseer tells Meera that Vivan was demonstrated honest through lie indicator and CCTV film, still they didn’t get genuine killer. Meera gets back and believes on the off chance that Vivan is truly guiltless. Vivan returns and shows CCTV film to her and says he brought confirmation for her so she ought to uncertainty him once more, he told her that she will feel remorseful when she figures out truth. He dismissed Paromita as he adored Meera then, presently it is better he leaves this spot as she have zero faith in him. He leaves. Meera feels regretful for questioning Vivan. She rushes to Vivan and argues him to pardon him.

Precap: Meera plugs Tulika’s strong marriage and assumes up her liability.


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