Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 28th June 2022

Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 28th June 2022:Meeera tumbles down while performing pheras with Vivan after Tulika blacks enchantment on her. Tulika strolls to her and goes about as stressed. Master maa asks who is this young lady. Dollys says SKA’s understudy and Meera brought her home. Vivan says Meera ought to rest now and gets her up. Tulika says she will hep Meera finish pheras. Gurumaa stops her and says this havan is just for Meera and Vivan.

Tulika thinks she needs to ruin havan at any expense, strolls to kitchen, trims her hair and does blackmagic on it thinking dayan/witch’s powers are in her hair. Sovereign strolls into kitchen and asks what pooja she is doing here. Tulika doesn’t say anything and returns him to havan setting. She goes about as aiding Meera once more and ties her hair in Meera’s pallu. Vivan lifts Meera and begins phera Tulika thinks this last phera will annihilate havan. Vivan sees something tied in pallu, eliminates it and tosses it in fire. Tulika exhaust out of resentment. Pandit says pheras are finished at this point. Tulika thinks the two of them are not that guiltless as they look, she needs to do another thing to isolate them.

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Crows caws. Cart says since this young lady came here, just abshagun is occurring. Master maa does pooja and gives lemon to Dolly and says this lemon will become red by tomorrow assuming abhorrent powers are around this house. Tulika proceeds with her dark enchantment in kitchen when she understands about gurumaa’s strong lemon. Master maa says assuming that young lady has detestable abilities, they will find out soon. Meera says that young lady is extremely blameless and is repudiated by family. Gurum faculties something wrong and requests that Meera proceed to check lemon once. Meera strolls towards kitchen. Tulika gets dark cobra from her hand and it swallows lemon and tumbles down. Kusum faculties somebody coming and does blac enchantment once more. Meera enters promotion calls Tulika.

Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 28th June 2022:Gurumaa lets Dolly know that she detected exceptionally savage dark power’s presence in this house and going after them over and over, it is challenging to end it immediately. She gives prasad/apple and requests to request that Meera finish it completely. Biji comes and says she will give it to Meer and strolling aside transforms into Tulika and figures fool Gurumaa is clueless by any stretch of the imagination. She chomps it and masking back as Biji gives it to Meera saying Gurumaa gave it for Meera. She says she needs exceptionally solid grandkids soon. Meera shies and embraces Biji followed by Vivan. Biji turns around to Tulika and grins.

precap Tulika nibbles apple. Meera implodes while romancing Vivan. Tulika crushes apple, transforming it into blood.


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