Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 8

Charles and his family defended Chapelwaitite with the help of Constable Dennison and the Minister of Burroughs. Tonight tested every character to their emotional boundary.


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 8

Episode Title: Hold the Night

Air Date: Oct 17, 2021

Source: Chapelwaite.S01E08.720p.WEB.H264-GGWP



Charles brought Loa back to Manor and found a bite mark on his neck. Markus confirmed that Charles’s cousin, Stephen Boone, killed Loa to threaten Charles. Jakub has warned Charles that his cousin and his uncle would try to get a book from Charles. Therefore, he must be careful. After Loa’s death, Charles told Rebecca that Jakub, Stephen, and Philip were all vampires, the undead hounds that drink blood to develop.

The mystery of the undemoval decomposed further when Stephen’s householder, Cloris, told the city of Sheriff George from the creature that night. Cloris claimed that he knew Stephen and Philip was vampire undead, but he hid their secrets. Finally, he explained that if Philip fed George’s wife, Mary, she had turned into a night creature who would live for eternity. From now on, Mary will hunt humans and enjoy their blood. For Mary, Philip is the Lord and maybe dangerous vampires to create their own undead.

In the corner of the preacher, Minister Town Martin handed over the runway tickets to his lover, Faith Pringle. Martin refused to accompany him on the way because he felt his city needed it. Faith goes in a hurry with her defective baby. However, Jakub’s followers tracked it. Jakub’s loyal sheep killed faith and took her baby.

At night, Charles waited for Stephen and Philip’s visit with a pistol loaded. However, what surprised him, Loa the undead arrived at the door. Loa fled to the warehouse, and Charles followed him, were Stephen and Philip were waiting for him. In the end, Philip told his cousin that if he brought the book to Jakub, he would kill Charles. But Stephen and Philip were part of the family, and if Charles gave them the book, they would let his children live. Charles could also live for eternity like his cousin and had peace and prosperity in the future.

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