Gomora 3 Teasers – May 2022

This is the official Gomora 3 Teasers May 2022. The episodes continued to unfold in grand style, with so many twist and uncertainties.

Monday 2 May 2022
Episode 6

Sibongile succumbs to an old friendly benefactor stunt. Stompie and Sdumo unleash destruction in Gomora.

Tuesday 3 May 2022
Episode 7

Sibongile lies about where she got her new telephone. Thathi will not address Gugu. Bongani gets terminated for not going about his business.

Wednesday 4 May 2022
Episode 8

Thathi goes on the defensive toward. Bongani frustrates Zodwa and the children. Gladys interfaces with Ntokozo, it’s finished.

Thursday 5 May 2022
Episode 9

Sbonga loses his new taxi. Sonto offers an award for data of the plundering. Mr Leballo tells Sibongile she’s a failure.

Friday 6 May 2022
Episode 10

Thathi orders Stompie to seize rich men. Sdumo illuminates Sonto that Thathi requested the plundering.

Monday 9 May 2022
Episode 11

Sonto shoots Sdumo in the arm. Sibongile can’t rest. Stompie tells Sonto that Phumlani was the one paying Sdumo and Brains.

Tuesday 10 May 2022
Episode 12

Sonto contemplates whether Thathi was coming clean. Mjay takes shots at Thathi.

Wednesday 11 May 2022
Episode 13

Thathi won’t hear a single thing from her loved ones. Sibongile’s conduct raises doubt at school.

Thursday 12 May 2022
Episode 14

Thathi’s most awful bad dream appears as a beating on the entryway. Sibongile’s new look gives her new issues.

Friday 13 May 2022
Episode 15

Sonto assumes control over issues and shoots “Mike Jnr”. Thathi goes underground however has no idea where to go.

Monday 16 May 2022
Episode 16

Mike Jnr. demonstrates he can get to the Molefe’s whenever. Sibongile drives everybody around and around for reality with regards to the cash.

Tuesday 17 May 2022
Episode 17

Zodwa chooses to show Sibongile out. Sonto resorts above and beyond to get Mike Jnr. away from her. Thathi learns a stunning truth about Gugu’s abducting.

Wednesday 18 May 2022
Episode 18

Sibongile moves in with the most un-anticipated individual. A task looking for Ntokozo strolls into a place of extreme peril.

Thursday 19 May 2022
Episode 19

Ntokozo falls squarely into a place of extreme peril. A prisoner dramatization hits the Molefe family all gratitude to Thathi.

Friday 20 May 2022
Episode 20

Sonto kills somebody without a second thought. Gladys blames Thathi for hijacking her child. Mike Jnr. needs to go kill Sonto’s whole family.

Monday 23 May 2022
Episode 21

Stompie questions Mr. Leballo’s aims to Sibongile. Teddy discovers that Sibongile lives with Stompie.

Tuesday 24 May 2022
Episode 22

Ntokozo assumes control over issues, and battles for his opportunity. Thathi and the Girls choose to take on the inn.

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Episode 23

Qhoqhoqho has a vile arrangement at his disposal that will undoubtedly make Sonto sob. Thathi has another strong arrangement which turns out not to be strong by any means.

Thursday 26 May 2022
Episode 24

Zodwa sees Sibongile and Mr. Leballo kiss. Zodwa uncovered Mr Leballo before everybody.

Friday 27 May 2022
Episode 25

Thathi and her young ladies unleash devastation at the inn. Sibongile is embarrassed in the most awful manner possible by one of her own.

Monday 30 May 2022
Episode 26

Zodwa attempts to sort Sibongile out. Mike Jnr intends to go after the Molefe’s. Gugu and Ntokozo attempt to find a sense of peace with their snatching.

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Episode 27

Ma’Sonto battles to get past her girl. Thathi and the young ladies fix the roads.


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