I do On Zee World Saturday 25th June 2022

I do On Zee World Saturday 25th June 2022: Seher and rehaan defy one another, while she is personal, and he causes himself to recall that this isnt sunehri however sanam. she comes to him gradually, however at that point recollects the manner in which he confided in her totally, and afterward pronounced his adoration, which at last prompted breaking of his trust and confidence in her, because of her past. Rehaan is strained, as she defies him. He says that its great that she came, tending to her as sanam, and that tanveer’s drugs should be regulated, and he confides in her for that, as he needs to go out for diwali work. Seher feels that this is inconceivable and incredible that rehaan who is so near her, isnt ready to accept that she is sunehri and not sanam. she is in a surprise, while he asks her what occurred. she pivots without saying a word, and leaves him. He thinks about what happened to sanam.

Seher sits on the rooftop, pondering whats rehaan doing here, and for what reason does he stay here then, assuming he is only their director. she says that she doesnt realie whats occurring, as the more she attempts to fail to remember her past, the more it jumps up on her, and that she doesnt need to go through a world of fond memories, and considers how to accomplish this work, on the off chance that rehaan is before her, and perhaps he didnt perceive her today, yet imagine a scenario in which he perceives her tomorrow. ahil comes to her and finds her strained, in the nick of time that she cleaned her face. He says that he is exceptionally glad to commend their first diwali. She amazingly inquires as to whether they commend this celebration. He says that they do, as this denotes the success of good over wickedness, and he genuinely does that.


she is cheerful, and he expresses that there are loads of things that she still doesnt have some familiarity with him. He requests that she make Laddoos, the scrumptious ones that she made last time. She is overwhelmed, as he advises her that he caused her to get ready 100kgs of laddoos in one evening. she says that she does recall, and proceeds to tirade, and afterward inquires as to whether he doesnt feel it was off-base of him to ask her that. he gets strained, and begins saying ‘sorry’ that he is very embarassed about the manner in which he used to act with her, and how off-base he has managed her. He wishes that he could delete all the awful stuff that he did with her, however guarantees that he has improved, and simply the manner in which she needs, and that today they will begin once again, failing to remember everything before.

I do On Zee World Saturday 25th June 2022: She is attracted to her recollections with rehaan and gets close to home. She says that it isnt simple to fail to remember past recollections. he says that they can attempt still. she says resignedly that she is attempting that as it were. He asks what occurred. she pulls it together, and says that she simply needed to irriate and strain him, and requests that he proceed his work, and she and the laddoos would hang tight for him at night. she starts to go, while he affirms assuming that she was really kidding. She asks him not to overthink minor little things, and on second thought simply chill and appreciate. She leaves. He says that she perhaps kidding, however it actually torment him, and that her future will be bound with joy, and commitments her the equivalent.

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Seher shows azhar’s folks a plate of laddoos, and they voraciously eye it. she says that they ought to feel that she is saying ‘sorry’ for yesterday. They eagerly take it, and afterward disgustingly spill it out. she is strained. They are nauseated, and they say that prior she made obviously better. She likewise cooperates, and asks what was off-base in it. they proceed to give them significant prompt, and she says that they are aces in it. Seher expresses that for diwali, azhar’s folks would make desserts. they inquire as to how could that occur. seher shows them the blade, and inquires as to whether they would try to deny her. That’s what azhar’s mom says assuming they tell tanveer, she would show her a thing or two. In any case, seher is undeterred. She says that she isnt terrified of anybody, and cautions them that they saw the blade, and afterward likewise shows the valuable wedding band, sadding that the individual who wears it, runs the haveli, and since its with her, they would need to follow her orders. They agree terrified.

she leaves, while they are stunned. In her room, Tanveer hears this and chuckles in joy, saying that she partakes in sanam’s changed disposition, and that she cherishes a test. They attempt to persuade tanveer, that she shouldnt underrate sanam, as she is loaded up with some imprudent energy as of late. she gets strained, recalling her assault on her at the party. She shushes them off, refering to that they are nitwits, and that sanam isnt moved by extra earthbound power, however by the force of affection, and that she feels qwith ahil close by, noone can set out to challenge her, yet she says that she, at the end of the day, would strip her of her help. They ask what and how might that occur, as ahil is blindly enamored with her.

She lets them know that sanam wont disclose ahil the mystery, as she also was strained, however at that point felt that ahil wouldnt even trust God, assuming that he actuated him about his own mom. She expresses that till the time, sanam makes ahil accept, before that, she would remove ahil’s trust on sanam. They are befuddled. She thinks and communicates to azhar’s folks that as opposed to dealing with the property papers, she would need to focus on to get sanam in the groove again and in her control first, or probably she wont have the option to design her best course of action. tanveer imagines that she would need to break ahil and sanam’s affection.

I do On Zee World Saturday 25th June 2022: Seher illuminates the whole room, with rangoli and earthen pots, however at that point is lost in rehaan’s memory, just to be removed from it, by ahil, who while chatting on the telephone, steps on her rangoli and ruins it. He quickly apologizes, adding that he never knew or saw rangoli ever. In his bid, to get sanam’s mind-set right, he attempts to do it right, yet screws up once more. Sanam requests that he let be, and does it without anyone else’s help, while he watches her eagerly, proceeding to apologize. She grins refering to the rangoli, while he eyes her tensedly. Ahil tells seher that one thing she got to be aware without a doubt, that she isnt sanam. She is stunned and baffled. the screen freezes on her stunned face.

Precap: Haya’s dupatta stalls out in the fire, and she distraughtedly attempts to get it free. in the mean time, as seher strolls ahead, dilshad, with her face uncovered, wheels in behind her. sehere sees her and she quickly perceives her, and asks why she also remains here. Dilshad attempts to pass on to seher, through signals that she is her youngster. seher is confounded and amazed.


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