Jodha Akbar Monday 26th April 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Monday 26th April 2021 Update Zee world: On Jodha Akbar Monday 26 April 2021, Jodha and akbar walk together. Jodha throws rice behind her as per ritual. Jalal keeps looking at her. Bharmal ask the priest every ritual is done. He nods Jodha says one thing has left the soil of my land. They bring mud and Jodha puts it on her head.

Jalal says he wants something also he says I want him to get with me pointing maan singh he wanted to protect her bua. He ask bharmal can I take him his name will be written in golden letters. Maan singh says he just want to protect maternal aunt( bua ) bharmal says his father bhagwan das will also go. Jalal agrees. Bharmal says you are lucky jalal will train you. Jodha hugs everyone one by one and remembers their old memories she meets dadi, masa, sukaniya and motI and is crying.

She comes to bharmal and takes his blessing. Both cries. She then remembers her every memory running behind piegon or her weight through gold coins , playing luddo with brothers etc she meets das then masa turns her. They walk toward the box(doli) masa is crying badly and kisses her forehead. All brothers hold the box on their shoulders. Suja is also there holding from one side. Jodha is holding hands of masa. Masa is left behind as Jodha leaves all cries.

voiceover- Jodha left saamgar to agra but the the distance is of 3 days so they stay at some place for night. One minister says to jalal they want to celebrate his marriage jalal says where is Jodha I have heard that her voice is very good bring her she will sing. Maham smiles evily.

in mewar rana udhay singh is not giving full powers to pratap. Pratap is not able fight with mughals with full forces. One man brings suja to him they says he shook hands with mughals pratap says leave him. I will not kill you. Suja ask why he says your death will not be punishment but you will and listens to the taunts of the people . He orders to cut the place where he was standing. He says you are responsible for whatever happend. Suja is distraught

jalal is waiting for Jodha, ministers whisper first time she made jalal wait that too on their wedding night. Jalal ask the do you want to say something sharif says maham didn’t come its not right that you are waiting. Jalal says how deep the well is, water will be that much sweet and smiles. Maham comes without Jodha jalal looks here and there but couldn’t see Jodha. Maham says she denied to come here. Jalal first wait then denies. He ask where is she maham says in HER tent. Jalal ask her tent means. Maham says she wished to make her tent separately. Jalal fumes and goes out. He comes to her tent and sees her sleeping his angry expressions change (bg plays).

He comes to her bed and can’t take his eyes off. Jodha wakes up and senses he is in her tent. She grabs the knife as jalal comes from behind. She attacks but jalal grips the knife and closes in on her she leans back. Jalal ask I called you to listen to your voice, you didn’t come now why are you quiet. You took vows that I am your husband you will do everything. She says she remembers every vow and says she is his wife, not a servant and for every husband, his wife respect is first then any order. Jalal smiles and says I came here with my anger and you proved me the culprit.

He says the fear in your because of me I like and to maintain it. He gets up and puts mud on his hand and says next time you don’t need any knife because I am here to protect you but from me there is none to save you. He leaves Jodha has fear. Jalal comes out smiling broadly. Sharif sees blood in his hand and thinks she attacked him but he didn’t do anything and is smiling very weirdly.

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masa is walking slowly and is sad. DadI comes and says every girl has to go to in-laws one day. Masa says her room is all same but she is not here. There is silence here. Dont know how she is handling these mughal there alone. DadI says other idol of kahanajI has come masa cries for her sweet songs.

here Jodha is sitting in front of idol and start singing in a melodious voice she prays to the lord. Other side jalal is offering namaz(prayer). He listens to her voice and looks up at the bandage. He is informed of breakfast. At breakfast all are sitting Jodha comes and goes to sit maham says you have to sit with king. She obliges and sits beside him. Jalal tries to take chicken piece but can’t because of wounding in their hand. One girl ask Jodha to help she reluctantly takes the piece and give it to jalal he holds her hand and eats with her hand Jodha doesn’t look at him.

He finishes Jodha gives him water and washes his hands. Maham smirks. She dries it with cloth and looks at him a little. Jalal gets up and waits for Jodha as she comes out he removes his bandage, hold his sword moves it in the air, and smiles evilly. He leaves motI tells Jodha he pretended so that she can help him eat the food. Jodha is distraught.

two men are talking how jalal married a hindu princess. Hameeda listens to this and recalls how jalal was born in a hindu’s house. Rukaiya also gets the news and thinks that it’s just another marriage of jalal Jodha is just a piece of playing. Some girl informs jalal is coming to all rushes to prepare for his welcome while ruk says he will come to her room first as always. In agra, Jodha and jalal reaches and greets hameeda. Jodha touches her feet while jalal is surprised but hameeda is happy and praises her beauty and makes her meet BakshI who does the ritual call DooDh Duliaye. The Hindu ladies sings song in praise of Jodha’s arrival as a bride. Jodha is overwhelmed and gets emotional and looks at Hameeda.

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Hameeda asks Maham to make special arrangements for Jodha and tells them she will introduce the palace to Jodha herself. Maham is reminded of the curse by Hindu lady. Hameeda takes her to the harem and small talk happens and tells about all the ladies of the harem. hameeda asks why is she not happy with the marriage. Jodha tells Jalal doesnt have a heart and is cruel. Hameeda tells her that she has only seen what jalal lacks, not what he possesses and hopefully after her arrival, he will get his lost heart.

There is a small fight between ladies and Jodha gets to know that Ruks is the BOSS of the harem.

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