Lost in Space Season 3 Episode 7

The Robinsons race to get help for Will, warn the other colonists, and activate a secret defense system. Vijay tags along with Penny on a risky outing.

Lost in Space

Season Number: 3

Episode Number: 7

Episode Title: Contingencies on Contingencies

Air Date: Dec 1, 2021

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English



Episode 7 saw the crew make the road through cracking and made it to Alpha Centauri – it would be stable but still had a dangerous heartbeat. Maureen saw that the planet was beautiful, but it was bitter when his son had the opportunity to die. The Robinson family gets the will of the hospital, and the doctor promises them that he will succeed. Think fast they work. After sighing, Robinson’s family reunited with the others who arrived at Alpha Centauri before them. Maureen and John warned the colony of Alfa Centauri that SAR will come and need a defense in place. They visited Hastings, who was a prisoner of the crime of the neighborhood, and told him that there was no defense system activated at Alpha Centauri and the robot knew where they were. They warned him that his secret immediately went to the grave unless he helped them. He agreed to help as long as the authority was restored – “contingencies for contingencies.”

Immediately after Hastings came out, he was killed by a robot in his room, and John found him dead. He left a note that looks like the code to activate the defense system. John told Maureen that they needed to contain a robot that killed him. Maureen believed something was wrong because Sar wasn’t here, so he wondered who the robot was. He asked his children whether there was something different about the robot Will recently.

Will wake up, and Maureen immediately with his son. He told him to rest. Maureen then spoke to give Kelly – he told him that the Alpha Centauri defense system could only be activated by one person who was no longer breathing – Ben Adler. So Maureen spoke to Ben’s wife and gave the theory that Ben was a person who could activate the defense system (according to Hastings). They want Voicemail and old videos to cut their votes and activate the system using the code.

Smith found a robot, but it was red, which would suggest had changed. He begged a robot to let him help him. Don, Penny, Judy, and Robot Track. But they found another problem. The SAR robot swept the power system to stop the defense system. Meanwhile, Maureen found words from Voicemail and old videos from Bento activate the Alpha Centauri defense system. They carry a system online.

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