See Season 2 Episode 7

Queen Kane’s treachery forces Maghra’s hand. Kofun gets upsetting news. Haniwa makes a final plea to Wren in a bid for peace.


Season Number: 2

Episode Number: 7

Episode Title: The Queen’s Speech

Air Date: Oct 8, 2021

Source: See.S02E07.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES


Edo utilizes vision as a problem. This means that his troops cross the landscape is much faster than usual, and if they reach the pennSa, the war is gone. Tamacti Jun proposed holding a high ground in Greenhill Gap, which was a risky proposition because it was only a stone’s throw from the pennSa. But needs must. The debate quickly turned to the problem of using Haniwa and Kofun in the war, matching Edo’s troops seen with themselves, something that Baba Voss was very opposed to.

But is he biased? Yes, of course – he wants to protect his children. But so was Maghda, but he was willing to allow them to make his own decisions. The argument between the two was interesting, especially when Baba became evil and Maghra got physical. We haven’t seen any kind of dynamic between them before; We haven’t, frankly, see anyone treat Baba like that and maintain their respiratory privileges. Seeing it returned, given contours outside the basic pattern of Stoic warriors, both for the character, and thus the show.

The next morning, Kofun went to meet Queen Kane, who was suddenly not too subtle about him after being inside him (his words, not mine) he wanted to know whether his baby was his own, which seemed to be a silly question in this point. But he also knew he had been used, so when Sibeth tried to seduce him again, he pushed him. He loops a rope on his neck and invited him to “end his nightmare”, which seemed for a moment he would leave. But, in typical Kofun mode, he’s a bottle. Because they made an agreement honesty, he told him to stop seeing himself as a child and claiming the baby as his. It’s time to grow up. He must be different from Jolameral. He must make the truth known before he died in his battle and his secret died with him.

While we issued the truth at home, Tamacti Jun had several for Maghera, who wanted to join the battle. He will be responsible, and he knows that. He must be there to take the pieces when – or maybe if – the army returns. Tamacti is not ashamed to tell what baba, too. This is an interesting shift for the character – he is in his element here, restored to his former station. He has found a goal again. “My brother stood among us and victory,” said Baba. “Whatever the results, I lost.” Tamacti counter, “If there is a better war description, I’m not here yet.” The whole conversation is very good, in all honesty, the habit that developed rapidly in the second season.

“Queen’s speech” lived with the title once again when Maghra this time discussed his people, his troops, witchfinders. It is predictable, this is far better than Sibeth delivered, full of honesty and affection and humanity. Troops are inspired correctly; Some were taken crying. One of them is Baba Voss, but it’s not necessarily from a speech. From his pulse and his body language, he explained he felt he walked to his death. He said as much as Paris, which he asked to do something for him, even though we didn’t know what. There are many things to this scene that has built the whole season. War is always unavoidable, in the end. Apple puts a lot of money into this event.

Whatever the Baba asked about Paris, it requires him to travel. And he took Toad with him. This is an interesting, unusual, unusual performance – not romantic, not family, barely unfriendly. It was almost romantic here, but never really felt it – Coo Alfre Woodard would not be taken seriously, at least not by me, and the fact that they were disturbed at the point of the knife showed the show did not put too many of their sexual chemical stocks too.

“The Queen’s Speech” gave the final montage of various characters waiting for the night, on both sides of the war, when Haniwa read hard to Kofun – to all of us, really – the second came by William Butler Yeats.

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