Solos Season 1 Episode 4

Solos Season 1

Solos Season 1


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 4

Episode Title: Sasha

Air Date: May 21, 2021

Source: Solos.S01.1080p.WEB.H264-MIXED

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Solos Season 1 Episode 4 Download Mp4

Twenty years after a global event drove the world to lock themselves inside, Sasha tries to outwit the smart home that she fears may now be manipulating her to leave.

In episode 4, global pandemic encourages everyone inside. In Sasha’s Smart Home (Stayhomes), Ai asked if he wanted to go outside, but he said, “F ** K it”. Then, when he coughed, Ai asked if he likes a virus test, but he doesn’t want it. It seems that Sasha (played by Uzo Aduba) has a trust problem with him who lives, but AI reminds him that he was inside for twenty years and felt it could be time to go and explore the world.

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Sasha didn’t want to be fooled and refused to come out. He hated the promises of travel, money, and touch poisoning – he stated he was happy because he had everything he needed and knew that the life he enjoyed was over. He no longer wants the outside world – the only thing he missed was a pool.

Sasha remembers Nia – she missed her, but AI wondered if she wanted to see it again, which made her angry because she couldn’t say whether AI was a bot or human; He knew that strength on it could manipulate his environment. He has a strong distrust of the world living in the world.

Sasha remembers the day that everyone was locked – his heart was destroyed because he could not get to Nia. Then it was revealed that they had the same birthday and how a year, Nia promised Sasha she taught him to swim. The monologue was getting nervous, the more he remembered the day he began isolation away from Nia.

Ai tried again to convince him to go outside and met Nia, but the lack of trust in Sasha on the authorities continued – he explained his cousin James was fooled, and he would not. James did ring it, but he didn’t believe his voice. Immediately it was revealed that the whole family had left their home.

Suddenly, the siren left, and AI warned him this was not a tactic and he needed to go – he tried to tell him the pandemic had ended for years. Suddenly, AI told him there would be a repeat entry forced into the world and that he would end. Sasha can’t remember the last time she talked to Nia – AI told her that Nia left her house 10 years ago and tried to contact her, but finally, she gave up. Finally, AI revealed that no one else was in their residence again, only him.

Ai surrendered and told him that he could stay at his house – they finally gave Sasha the pool – the window showed underwater experience. Sasha asks if Nia can join, but AI tells her, “Goodbye”.

Solos season 1, episode 4 brings a very relative version of life and the dystopian we live in 2020; This represents the Mental and Trauma Toll referred to in people led by Actor Uzo Aduba.


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