The Evil Eye Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Saturday 27 March 2021 Update, Dilruba says to the family that I will come later, you will let me play with baby? They nod. Dilruba becomes bat and leaves. She hides in the house and says I won’t leave baby. Vedsheree asks the family to go to mandir. I will take care of the baby in the house. Baby smiles at Piya. Piya says he smiles at me and bat his eyelashes. She hugs the baby.

Saanvi comes to Ganga’s house. She meets her mother Durga. Saanvi asks if they were fine in the room that we locked you in? Durga says I don’t remember anything. Saanvi says your son is an evil creature, he removed your memory. Durga says don’t say rubbish. Saanvi says what if I prove that your son kidnapped a girl? She comes to the corner but doesn’t find any girl there. Saanvi leaves with Naman and Priest.

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A man comes into Vedsheree’s house. She says who are you? Dilruba attacks her. She faints. The man says I have a cage. They open it and coax the baby to come inside. The baby is crawling but doesn’t go inside the cage. Dilruba asks the man to grab him but the baby vanishes.

Saanvi says to the priest that the creature removed their memories. How to fight him? Nishant comes there with Mohana and says I know.

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Dilruba asks the man to get the baby from another side of the wall.

Mohana comes to Durga’s house in veil and starts working as a servant. Nishant watches Mohana on screens and says she can’t run, He says I have put witch tree roots in her feet and she can’t do anything.

Mana tries to grab baby again but his hands start burning. Bay moves his hands and the man gets slapped. He gets dizzy. Baby throws flour on him. A man comes to Dilruba in a dizzy state. Dilruba says you couldn’t get a baby? I will get him.

The Evil Eye Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Starlife: Nishant says if Mohana tries to break her roots then. Mohana tries to touch roots but gets current. Nishant says she is in my control.

Dilruba comes to the baby but he makes winds blow to her.

Mohana is a working creature’s house. She finds some papers. The creature comes to Mohana, she loses papers. Saanvi sees it on screen and says he will kill her. Creature throws Mohana from the window. She is falling down. Nishant says let me think something. He breaks her roots. Mohana gets her powers back and uses her braid to go down on the floor.

Family comes back home. They see Vedsheree fainted and wake her up. Man is running away. Avi stops him. Vedsheree says he came here with a cage, someone hit me on the head. Piya says I think he is a thief. The man says no.. yes I am a thief. Avi takes him away.

Naman says we gave Mohana her powers back.
Mohana says they think they did favor on me but I am of no one. She tries to leave but gets stopped. Nishant tells Naman that I still have her tied with roots.

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