The Evil Eye Saturday 29th May 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 29th May 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Saturday 29 May 2021, Basmika try to get intimiate? with Ansh but Piya interrupt them by throwing jars.. Ansh ask about her return when Basmika reply she gave thought? and decided to return to him.. Ansh get doubtful?… Basmika watches moon and clouds again and again⛅.. Ansh ask does she remember about their honeymoon in Greece with same atmosphere..

Piya says we never went to Greece but stops seeing Basmika saying yes and again try to get intimate?, but Ansh hold her and stop saying we never went to Greece and ask who is she and where is his Piya???
Basmika shows her braid and Wings while informing that he knows the truth now.. Ansh ask about piya and see fireflies going towards her, he remember how fireflies helped him always in locating piya.. He see piya and feel her..

In the lift, Naman says why people keep the phone?, if they don’t want to pick it up??? Saavi says because Ansh doesn’t have his number.. And console Nishant that Ansh will find about Basmika.. Nishant says he is afraid of this only.. Nishant asks about Piya and Ansh from Rathod family..

Ansh take Piya dragger? and hold Basmika.. Nishant stops saying don’t hurt piya body otherwise Piya will die.. Basmika see Cloud and Moon position and kiss? Ansh infront of everyone. Suddenly she gets something ball ?type thing and stab piya body using piya dragger? living her body..

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Piya body falls while everyone cry ??hard.. Ansh uses his powers to save Piya but Nishant say he can’t save her as she got stab by Devik Dragger?.. Ansh cry?? hard seeing Piya soul gone.

Piya soul wake up at Kailash Paravt , where Shiv and Vishnu from show Namha ask her to lead to Heaven (Swarg lok) .. Piya say she can’t go.. Vishnu explain her that when someone dies his/her soul meet god, and if his/her work are for human upliftment.. He adds further now she should head to heaven… Piya says she can die but her love? can’t die, her duties can’t die.

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At home Ansh decide to bring piya to life by any way.. He takes her picture and jumps down.. Family cry ??? on his step and seeing in blood.

Ansh get up at Kailash and find piya.. Vishnu and Shiv appear and inform that Piya crossed the door? for heaven.. Ansh deny to believe and is ready to do same.. He even feels sorry? for hurting piya.. Vishnu asks about his extents to go to save Piya?? Ansh reply that he can go to any extent..

Vishu and Shiv smile? and tell about test they took to test their love? for each other and inform that Piya never crossed the door? to heaven.. While blessing them they go.. Piya and Ansh see each other..

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