This is Fate Monday 27th December 2021 Zee world

This is Fate Monday 27th December 2021 Zee world: On This is Fate Monday 27 December 2021, Sherlin and Prithvi are in the room, in a state of panic send him to hide behind the bed before opening the door where Rakhi is mesmerized to see how beautiful she is looking, Rakhi even places the black tika behind her ear before asking her to come as even her mother has arrived, she leaves after locking the door from outside, Prithvi comes out wondering why does Rakhi always have to close the door as how would he go out, he sees the window so jumps out of it but Shristhi sees her, asking what is he doing as they know the truth about them and would finally reveal the truth to everyone, Prithvi mentions that no one would believe them but would listen to Sherlin because she has done a very big thing for the family, Shristhi starts irritating him so he warns her he has only given this right to Preeta so she must not even dare to talk like this before him.

Shristhi warns him to not talk like this about her sister in front of her, Prithvi mentions he would talk because he is madly in love with her, she is frustrated so he replies it is grateful, Shristhi replies she would ask how he feels about Preeta when she reveals the truth about him, he mentions his love is not for a specific period, but if they even accidentally try to reveal the truth they would not believe what he as Prithvi Malhotra would do, he leaves in anger but Shristhi is not at all convinced.

Sherlin comes downstairs with Rakhi, Dadi along with Karina both exclaims she is looking really beautiful but they exclaim it feels as if the moon has come into their house, they take Sherlin to the stage, Rakhi asks Sanjana to come first with the Shogun but Dadi stops saying she would be the one to start the ritual, Rakhi replies she knows but is just asking Sanjana to give her the Shogun, she comes on the stage giving the Shogun to Sherlin, Rakhi asks Preeta to bring the Parshad which she has prepared, Rakhi asks Sherlin to touch the Parshad before asking Kritika to give it to their Pandit saying he must give it to their Pandit who can give it to any women. Rakhi starts the ritual, Preeta looking at Shelrin wonders how calmly she is sitting on the stage when Rakhi along with the Luthra family thinks that the child is their blood but how tense would they get when they realize the truth about the child, Karina and Dadi also present her with the gifts, Sanjana seeing Preeta feels she might try to do something, Kritika asks her to see the gifts which she has brought for the child, she leaves after blessing her, Rakhi signals Preeta who asks Ganesh to bring the gift, Sherlin thinks when Preeta challenged her that she would reveal the truth, Preeta comes on the stage, Sherlin questions what happened as she challenged her that she would not let her marry Rishab and even free Karan but what happened.

This is Fate Monday 27th December 2021 Zee world: Preeta takes out the necklace, she makes Sherlin wear it and explains she has come to know the truth about Sherlin and Prithvi regarding the child, Prithvi is the one who revealed the truth, Sherlin explains she is lying, Preeta questions why would she lie when Prithvi is mad about her, he even said he would help her as he is fed up of Sherlin and wants to get away from her, she doesnot understand why he is running after her knowing she is married but he revealed the entire truth, she asks Sherlin to ask him by herself as it is amongst them so if she still doubts her then can go and ask him, she knows the father of the child is Prithvi, she would make sure to bring her truth in front of the family and save them from her, it is her promise, she explains that she would be quiet till the time Rishab is not in the house s then she would reveal the entire truth.

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Rishab secretly enters through the front gate, Rakhi along with everyone is shocked to see him, Preeta scares Sherlin, he comes taking blessings of Dadi and Karina before hugging Kritika, Rakhi is standing there stunned, he sees her so going to her seeks her blessings but she stops him, he asks why is she pulling his ears when he came from that far away, she asks why did he lie, Rishab mentions she always says that she knows him, she asks why did he lie, he replies he would not have been able to see the reaction which she is giving, Rakhi asks him to not talk with her as she doesnot want to talk with him, he asks if she sure and when she says she is sure, he turns to leave but she stops him, he explains if she doesnot want to talk with him so what is the point in staying, she hugs him and is crying exclaiming he made her wait for so long, he replies he has finally come back and would never leave.
Sameer enters the house with the bags, Dadi asks where he went, he replies he went to pick Rishab from the airport, Karina scolds asking if he also knew, he in excitement mentions it was a surprise and is excited that Rishab is back.

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Rishab seeing Preeta goes to her, thanking her for saving Karan, Preeta requests him to not talk like this, Mahesh seeing Rishab calls him who is stunned to see that his father is walking by himself, he is not able to believe it so is stunned, Mahesh opens his arms for a hug, Rishab is not able to control his tears exclaiming how much he loved her and he has missed him a lot, Mahesh explains he has also missed her, they both do not leave each other but are constantly crying, Rishab replies he waited for the time when his father would stand and hug him, Mahesh congratulates him, Preeta sees Sherlin is tensed, she thinks how Preeta said that she knows the child belongs to Prithvi and she warned to reveal the truth once Rishab comes back.

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