Twist Of Fate Teasers March 2021

Twist Of Fate Teasers March 2021 On Zee world: Rizwan plans to put Zara and Kabeer in the warehouse, so Shahbaz blames their death. Kabeer and Zara escaped on time and returned to give Khula and separate, then it was revealed that Rukhsar had never intended to reunite Kabeer and Zara and he was punished.

Monday March 1 2021

Episode 20.

Pragya arrived at the police station to help Riya, but was arrested for tearing fire. Riya tells Pragya that she doesn’t have a mother. After returning home, Riya revealed to Alia, Meera and the tie that was the mother of Prachi who released her from prison.

Tuesday March 2 2021

Episode 21.

Pragya spoke to Prachi about his relationship that was estranged with Abhi. Abhi and Riya arrived at Prachi’s house to apologize. Riya uses tricks to avoid apologizing to Prachi. Then, Abhi found a pair of earrings that resembled because of Pragya.

Wednesday March 3 2021

Episode 22.

In college, Prachi heard Ranbir’s plan to cheat a girl to make him fall in love with Aryan. Prachi revealed Ranbir’s tactics to the blind. Then, Ranbir pondered Riya’s thoughts became the perfect boyfriend for him. Abhi suggested Sarita Ben as a catering for Pallavi and Vikram birthday parties. Pragya suspected Riya became her daughter.

Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 23.

Abhi and Vikram visited Sarita Ben to give him a catering order. On the signal, Abhi and Pragya cars cross each other. In learning about Abhi’s arrival from Sarita Ben, Pragya hurried home. But, he failed to meet him when he left for an urgent meeting. Then, when he returned to meet Sarita Ben, a surprising Pragya stopped dead in his footsteps.

Friday March 5 2021

Episode 24.

Then, Ben’s anger explosion was angry opening the way to warmth and comfort in conjunction with Pragya, Prachi, and Shahana. The arrival of the unexpected Pragya in Mehra Mansion surprised Meera. After learning that Sarita Ben has employed a local vegetable vendor for assistance, a panic prothya hit him. Meanwhile, Prachi involves war words with Ranbir.

Saturday March 6 2021

Episode 25.

While Pallavi and Vikram’s birthday celebrations were in full swing, Pallavi made everyone present in a awkward situation when he asked Alia to tell her a little about Abhi’s wife. Ayyan and Ranbir disturb all arrangements arranged by Prachi and Shahana. It attracts the anger of the two women and the Prachi Orders Ranbir to reset the hall. Mishap kitchen makes Abhi uncoiled.

Zara’s Nikah Full story Zee world.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 23 February 2021 Update Zee World

Sunday 7 March 2021

Episode 26.

Ranbir bribed a waiter somehow got Riya to the room decorated, however, the waiter mistakenly conveyed the message to Prachi. Meera found himself interested in Abhi. Shahana mistakenly locked Pragya in the kitchen. At that time, Riya passed and heard Pragya’s cry to ask for help. He tried his best to unlock the door, but his efforts remained futile.

Monday March 8 2021

Episode 27.

Tie looked at Pragya at a glance and told Abhi. Alia, tie and Abhi then decided to look for it. Pragya received bad health news Sarita Ben. Seeing Abhi desperate to unite with Pragya worried Alia. He then planted a seed of doubt in Abhi’s mind about Pragya’s bad intentions.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 28.

The episode continued on Twist Of Fate Teasers March 2021  As a tactic for revenge on Prachi, Riya decided to poison the food to be served to the guests. Following the incidence of food poisoning, Abhi kicked Prachi and Shahana out of Mehra Mansion. Riya and Alia were happy to see their plans successfully, while Prachi was destroyed.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Episode 29.

After Riya’s conversation with the principal, Prachi will be issued from college. Prachi was intimidated in college and tried to end his life. Abhi went to campus to notify the principal that he did not want Prachi to be expelled. Pragya went to Abhi’s office to meet him, when he didn’t find it at his house.

Thursday March 11 2021

Episode 30.

Fate leads to Abhi and Pragya finally met at the construction site after years of separation. Abhi was hit by a brick slab, and Pragya tended to be Abhi who was unconscious.

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Friday March 12 2021

Episode 31.

Pragya was worried because Abhi’s health deteriorated because of blood loss. The doctor then asked him to regulate blood that matched Abhi’s blood type. Pragya is relieved to know that Abhi’s blood type and prachi are suitable. Pammi banned Riya from visiting Abhi.


Saturday March 13 2021

Episode 32.

Prachi suspicion strengthened about patients as his father. Sarita Ben suggested Pragya to reveal the truth and not avoid answering Prachi’s question.

Sunday March 14 2021

Episode 33.

Abhi was looking for Pragya and arrived at the hospital to get detail about it. Prachi wants to have a father like Abhi. Abhi witnessed CCTV recording kitchen on Pallavi and Vikram wedding anniversary. Regarding learning that Riya is responsible for poisoning food, Abhi is very angry. He then did Riya who was unthinkable and slap.


Monday March 15 2021

Episode 34.

Abhi feels like a failure and regretting bad caring skills. After realizing that Meera and Pragya had not even recognized each other’s names, both of them tried to introduce themselves, but Sari suddenly disrupted their conversation. Riya and Prachi are preparing for their college trip.

Tuesday March 16 2021

Episode 35.

Abhi decided to meet Mrs. Prachi. The principal warns the group against deviating from the camp location because it is a dangerous area. After learning that Prachi and Shahana have managed to make him a trip, Riya was surprised. Meera called Pragya to tell her about Abhi’s visit.

Wednesday March 17 2021

Episode 36.

Can’t see it in the midst of darkness, Ranbir began Serenading Prachi with a song and claimed his love for him. Prachi Foils Ranbir proposal for Riya. In accordance with Riya’s tactics, Riya’s friend sent a prachi to a dangerous place on the camp site.

Thursday March 18 2021

Episode 37.

Riya faked his accident and made him look like a responsible prachi. Abhi and Pragya arrived at the camp location. He was destroyed when he saw a piece of cloth left Riya and blamed himself because of his departure.

Friday March 19 2021

Episode 38.

Abhi checked the log call Dimpy and was surprised. After learning that Riya conspired against Prachi, she was very angry. The weather conditions deteriorated and the group moved to the nearest resort to spend the night. By chance, Abhi, Riya and Vikram were put in the same resort.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Episode 39.

At Pragya’s request, Riya was reluctant to apologize to Prachi. Then, Riya who was worried about seeking Pragya’s help in treating the sick Abhi. Ragya entered Abhi’s room to take care of him but was disturbed by Meera. Abhi employs Prachi as Secretary of Vikram and submits the responsibility for the 5-year anniversary of the company. Meera blamed her to Riya’s bad care.

Sunday March 21 2021

Episode 40.

Pragya risked his life to save the main minister at Abhi’s company event.


Monday March 22 2021

Episode 41.

Because it was threatened, Pragya was reluctant to agree to attack the minister’s chairman. The count down began and Pragya had to kill the minister of chairman but he was worried that the shot meant for him to kill Abhi. Then, Purab saw a glimpse of Hiba, but refused to accept that it was him, because he believed he would never return.

Tuesday March 23 2021

Episode 42.

When Prachi was arrested, Pragya agreed to kill the Minister of Chief to release him. Abhi tries to find out who can benefit from killing the minister of chairman. Then, he faced the head of security and asked him whether he wanted to kill him. The commanders took him away and an unconscious Abhi was captured in the same room as Prachi.

Wednesday March 24 2021

Episode 43.

Pragya tried his best to warn the minister’s chairman about the threat to his life through a note. Prachi told Ranbir about Rohit’s plan, and his mother was squeezed. Abhi compiled plans to escape. The head of security gave orders, fired shots, and chaos took over. Then, Riya and Pragya were held at Gun Point, but Prachi came to save them.

Thursday March 25 2021

Episode 44.

Disha pays pragya visit, making it very happy. There, he also met Prachi, but Pragya introduced them half fierce. This makes the dishes annoyed. Pragya Abhi’s fear will take Prachi away from him. Then, Abhi arrived at Prachi’s house and talked with he. When talking to him, he blamed Pragya because of Kiara’s death and said he wanted to see his other child. Pragya edged tears heard this conversation.

Friday March 26 2021

Episode 45.

While looking for a taxi, Purab passed and offered a prachi elevator. He told Disha to enter and turn red and praise the key. Purab holds Hiba’s hand in the car and they remember the time they spend together. But, now it was cut off when Dyara saw a message from Alia on Purab called that she loved her.

Saturday March 27 2021

Episode 46.

Sarita Ben asked Abhi to consider his offer, but he explained that he still loved his wife. Then, Prachi knew that the car that wet himself on the ground was Ranbir and demanded that he apologize to him. Riya troubled them together and decided to face Ranbir.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 47.

Purab revealed his love for Aliya. Ranbir made an appearance on the stage with the guitar he borrowed from Abhi, and asked Riya to dance. Then, Riya was angry facing Prachi and warned him to stay away from Ranbir.

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 48.

Alia tried to comfort Purab who was annoyed with a hug but she explained to him that he still thought about Hiba and missed him. Alia in denial and blame the alcohol she has consumed. Prachi cared for Abhi who was drunk and learned that he had another daughter. He then went to get something to make him feel better, and an emotional abhi saw a picture of Pragya in his wallet. Then, his wallet fell, and Prachi took it.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 49.

Vikram is very proud to introduce Ranbir as his replacement and step down itself. Ranbir proposed to Riya, but he showed a condition where he would accept his proposal. Ranbir heard his condition and left stunned. Then, Prachi prepared a delicious dish for a tie, which remembered that Riya’s mother used to take care of her in the same way.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 50.

Purab approached an angry drunkard so he mistakenly expressed his love for him. Riya contacted a police officer and misplained someone who supplied drugs to the guests. Then, just like Abhi will leave a party for Sarita Ben’s house, the police arrived.

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