International Students at Lesley University in the United States: Fully Funded Study Award 2022

Dates of Closure: July 15, 2022

Do you know that American degrees are among the most sought-after degrees worldwide? Lesley University is pleased to provide Fully Funded Academic Grants to International Students who Want to Start an Undergraduate Degree Course Work at the University, Giving them the Opportunity to Graduate at One of the Prestigious Universities in America.

All overseas students who wish to begin undergraduate degree coursework at the university for the academic year 2022–2023 in the United States are eligible for the study award.

Lesley University was established in the year 1909. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is a privately owned institution called Lesley University. The New England Commission of Higher Education granted the university accreditation.

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Every year, Lesley University enrolls about 6,593 new students. Through active learning, scholarly research, a variety of artistic expressions, and the fusion of rigorous academics with real-world, professional experience, the organization has engaged students in transformational and mind-blowing education that has paved the way for fulfilling careers and ongoing lifelong learning.

Lesley students receive the training they need to graduate with the social responsibility and ethical awareness necessary to serve as change agents in the creation of a more fair, compassionate, and sustainable society.

Relevant Courses: The institution will give undergraduate degrees in Arts & Design.

Candidates must have at least 12 semester credits (full-time status), be enrolled full-time, and continue to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.
Candidates must have an excellent academic history.

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Application procedures: Prospective students should log in to the university’s application site in order to submit an application for an undergraduate degree. No extra application forms are required.
Official transcripts from the students are required at the time of application.
Benefits: For the academic year 2022–2023, Lesley University will provide funding for the chosen candidate’s studies in the United States.

All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and provide the required supporting documentation.
Students must show that they have a strong command of both written and spoken English.
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