Bridal material on zee world, Thursday 23rd June 2022 update

Bridal material on zee world, Thursday 23rd June 2022 update: Cart asks god to shield Meera and Vivan from any shrewd happenings. Meera heads out in auto to track down hint about cap and jacket. Vivan calls her and asks where is she. She figures he would get strained superfluously, so lies that she is somewhere near and will arrive at home in a short time and he ought to be accessible at home when she returns.

She arrives at outside house which she finds in her fantasies and strolls in thinking there is a few connection among cap and this house. She envisions young lady Paromita (eye benefactor) meeting wishing cheerful birthday to her sweetheart and requesting that he cut birthday cake. He cuts cake. Bats assault Meera. Meera runs outside yelling and conflicts with Vivan and panics that she saw that young lady in this house. Vivan reproves her not to think excessively and thinks he needs to give her such an excess of adoration that she fails to remember everything.

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Vivan and Meera get back. Cart requests that they eat. She says she will have shower and afterward will eat and goes into her room. She yells uproariously after at some point. Vivan runs in and asks what occurred. She shows reptile. Vivan chuckles that she fears reptile. She says she can confront tiger, however not reptile. He insults her. She shies. He sees shower running and pins her to shower. She shies.. Their sentiment starts and they get close. A heartfelt melody plays behind the scenes. Next morning, Vivan awakens and thinks Meera is envisioning his past, he ought to stop her in some way.

Bridal material on zee world, Thursday 23rd June 2022 updateP: Meera gets back to dilapadated house and envisions Paromita communicating her adoration for her beau and demands to wed him. Sweetheart says he doesn’t cherish her and can’t wed her. Paromita asks whom he cherishes then, at that point. He says he can’t tell her and leaves. She tumbles down crying. Light fixture falls towards her. Meera yells noo…

Precap: Vivan goes into Meeta’s room around evening time. Meera yells. He cuts her throat.




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