I do On Zee World Monday 2nd July 2022

I do On Zee World Monday 2nd July 2022: tanveer is paralyzed to ponder seher’s position, and seher is helped to remember how she had requested for 2 crores from razia, and that too before marriage. Razia asks how might she undermine her, having been brought here by her as it were. Sehere says that she merits much more than this for the gig, yet she ought to agree, and that on the off chance that she gives the cash, she would remain till their wedding night, and get the marks and afterward leave, or probably she would leave at the present time. Razia asks her not to show mentality, and agrees to Seher’s interest, and cautions her that now she shouldnt even discussion about leaving the work halfway. They are going to move out, when they track down the secret camera, and afterward conclude that azhar’s folks were after it. They consider an arrangement.

Afterward, latiof gives desserts to everybody, at ahil and sanam’s remarriage. razia and seher too go along with them. Azhar’s folks are disappointed. razia insults Latif, while she also counters back at her deficiency of hair. Razia vapor, while azhar’s folks appreciate. tanveer is baffled. Ahil comes and tells Sanam, that rahat called to say that they will get hitched tomorrow, and he was feeling that they ought to get hitched from that point onward, with every one of the ceremonies. Seher is strained, while rehaan overpowered with hapiness, embraces ahil in happiness. Rehaan remarks that joy is at last returning. tanveer says that now the joy will be theirs, and soon she will end Sanam’s theatrics. ahil pardons himself to go to a call.

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Others leave as well. Seher insults tanveer, when let be, by giving her desserts, and she denies. Seher keeps on prodding her, at ahil and her remarriage, and that she says that she wishes tanveer could see what was kept in the camera, and requests that she comprehend that the Lord is with her, and for such an individual, no individual can disrupt the general flow, particularly noone blind. tanveer requests that she take off, as soon she would grab it all away, and from that point forward, she wont be left with anything. tanveer leaves. Seher eyes rehaan, believing that she has proactively lost her happinbess, what more could tanveer grab.

While tanveer is lost in considerations, azhar’s folks can’t help thinking about how did sanam have some familiarity with the camera, and that she would need to be shown a thing or two. Azhar’s folks whine and point out how they can torment sanam, by locking her, or removing her appendages, while tanveer pays attention to them weakly. tanveer recollects how sanam had some awareness of her killing ahil’s dad and the way that she has been tormenting Tanveer in the new days. tanveer at last says in dissatisfaction that she ought to be killed, stunning them. They ask who might sign the papers then, at that point. tanveer says that the marks could be phony as well, and reminds that sanam had endorsed before everybody at the party, and noone knew whether she marked completely or not. she says that tomorrow sanam would go to meet haya, and shouldnt return back from that point. They ask how might this occur. tanveer clarifies them how for homicide sanam, and they are invigorated.

Razia accompanies a crate of desserts, to insult sanam, that she came to give her an uplifting news, and attempts to effectively inspire her to eat. she enlightens her regarding haya’s marriage with Rahat. sanam says that she is hitched to faiz as of now. razia teasingly tells her that haya needed to endure a great deal, and that marriage severed long back, and that haya consistently preferred rahat and it was slow on the uptake, but still good enough. sanam communicates her craving to meet and converse with haya, in strain, while razia adds that she is in a state of ecstasy, and her sister’s family also is going to her marriage. sanam is stunned. razia causes her to accept that noone at the family is annoyed for herself as well as her vanishing, as soon she evaporated from their eyes. sanam will not trust it, and requests that she let her go.

razia grips at her mouth, and says that she could never let her go, and that noone will come to save her here, and requests that she stop tghe show of being eager. She says that she would quit coming in the event that she gets into a fury, and she wouldnt know anything, about her loved ones. Razia hollers at the watchman and provides him with the plate of food, requesting that he feed her, and in the event that she makes any babble, she ought to be forcibly fed. Razia leaves. sanam asks for what reason is she no anxious, and feels that something is off-base, and she can feel ahil separating from her. She is profoundly strained.

I do On Zee World Monday 2nd July 2022: rahat confrontys faiz, saying that he needed to make statements quite far back, however couldnt, and presently he cant remain silent any longer. He tells faiz the genuine explanation of him wedding Haya. faiz is stunned, and asks whats he saying, and helps him to remember his commitment. rahat says that it was his weakness, to save faiz’s life, and faiz recollects that it. Rahat says that truly he cant live without haya and she also cherishes him frantically. Faiz asks whats garbage is this. Rahat explains everything, except faiz won’t accept everything, inquiring as to why haya would have hitched him, if she hadnt cherished him.

Rahat explains the misconception from the beginning, and faiz can’t accept. rahat makes sense of what occurred till after the marriage, and how he cajoled her to remain back in the marriage, and consents to go along to his desire, and that she consented to the marriage, yet not him. Faiz is stunned. rahat says that he attempted to tell him before, however didnt find the opportunity. faiz denounces him how should he not let him know this, and rahat attempts to pl;ead his guiltlessness. Rahat requests that he trust him, however faiz says that he cannot really accept that the individual, who never opened his mouth, while he was consuming in the culpability of himself destroying his relationship. rahat requests that he quit talking like this.

I do On Zee World Monday 2nd July 2022: Faiz criticizes rahat, that nowe he has begun adoring haya, and his cravings have started to develop, and consequently he is selling out his own sibling. Rahat lashes out and smacks him tight across the face. Faiz says that the facts confirm that in all actuality severe, and that he hadnt realized that he would utilize their misconception for his potential benefit like this. rahat lets him know that he has previously forfeited his bliss once, as haya doesnt love faiz, yet him. faiz leaves carelessly, and faces haya, stamnding in the entryway. He is stunned, as she passes by him, to meet rahat, who grins back. she asks him not to be so strained, as its adequate that he weds her. Faiz is resolved that they would be a couple, yet they wont be together ever, as he could never leave them alone. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Tanveer tells ahil, that he ought to proceed her in her vehicle, while sanam comes in the following one. He concurs and leaves. tanveer smirkingly adds that he can proceed to meet sanam without a doubt, as this would be the last time, he will meet sanam, as she would go exceptionally far away today. As sanam loads gifts in the vehicle, azhar’s dad puts a red stuffed gift on top. As sanam moves away, Azhar’s dad tells his better half, that he has put a delayed bomb, in the red stuffed gift, of which sanam is unmindful. In the mean time, sanam is at long last ready to escape her servitude, and getting the gatekeeper in an aweak second, she get away.


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