Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21 May 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21 May 2020 Update on zee world.

rahim is taking jodha with him. Jodha ask him to slow down as shawl which bharmal has sent her will get dirty, rahim runs while jodha tries to catch him, he comes to jalal who looks at jodha and says i thought you called me alone. He says you both know how to fly kite so let me learn it, jodha says its very cold, go inside.

He says when jalal can sit outside i also can. Jalal laughs and says salima will scold him, servant comes and says salima has called rahim, he goes unwillingly. Jodha says to jalal its really cold here. He nods. She says bharmal has sent me this shawl, jalal likes it. jodha comes behind him and gifts him a beautiful shawl.

Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21st May 2020 Update

She smiles and says she was thinking of what to gift him and came up with this idea of shawl as its cold, Jalal likes her shawl very much . Thanks her .. He then says he was wondering what to gift Benazir in this winter .. And jodha had come with this shawl .. And it is a perfect gift for benazir and he is going to gift her that shawl, Jodha is feeling very jealous and hurt . While jalal looks at her face with smile.

benazir comes in garden and says jalal like this na? Zakira says. Soldier comes and scolds other soldiers for blocking her way. He ask to come with him. He ask zakira to go back but zakira says i am here to protect benazir and i will be with her. Soldier says ok. He says to benazir that he is just blown out because of her beauty, benazir says nothing new.

He says he has gone mad for her and ask her to just spend one night with him, he will not disappoint her, zakira fights with him, he insults her, benazir says she is not servant, her name is zakira, i will tell you who i am when i will complain to jalal about you. Soldier immediately changes his tone and ask forgiveness, benazir says its ok go, zakira ask why you forgive him? Benazir says i dont want enemies here, i just want jalal.

In her room Javedha is dressed as Benazir and is dancing before the mirror just like Benazir …Resham is enjoying her dance ..Maham comes there and scolds Javedha …Javedha is ordered to get back into her own clothes … Resham comes and jokes where was she when Adham was marrying javedha ?? Maham replies that she got misled about her mind by her innocent looks, Maham then shares her dreams of controlling the hindustaan by becoming the all powerful chief minister, Resham says she is already ruling through Jalal But Maham dreams of becoming even more powerful.

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Benazir comes in her room and says now time is for letter, zakira says yes your mom must be worried for you, let write letter. Benazir writes letter with some poetry. Zakira ask whether anybody will understand what you wrote? Benazir says i have mind so i have written but have different meaning. Outside same soldier is checking things which is to be send, he sees benazir’s letter and says i am starting to love her, he reads her letter and doesnt understand what she has written but he deduces that there is some secret massage in this letter and benazir is on some mission here.

The drama continued to unfold on Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21 May 2020 Update as benazir comes to jalal after asking permission. He allows her, benazir says i thought you will say that i need no permission, jalal says i am a king so you always need permission. Benazir says your mood is off and offers him drink but jalal says no need, he ask her what she needs? Benazir says your happiness, i only want that, she touches his hand and tries to touch his hairs but jalal stops her, she sits behind him and whisper in his ears that it would be my good luck if i will give you some peace. Jalal says i dont need you now so just go and sleep. She leaves. Jalal irritated washes his hands and says my plan is not to spend night with you but to only jealous jodha.

in moring, jalal is sitting outside when jodha comes, jalal smiles and says i knew it that you will come with remedy after knowing that i have hurt my foot, jodha angrily says you have many dasi for it, he ask dasiz to go. Jalal says benazir liked shawl alot. Jodha says my father had given me that and i gifted you but.. Jalal says sorry but i cant take back from her as its against my respect. Hamida comes there and ask how you got hurt in foot. Jalal says nothing much its ordinary for us to get hurt but look jodha has brought remidy for me and is persistent to apply it on my foot, tell me will it look for mughal sultanat begum? Jodha makes face. Hamida says its every wife’s wish to take care of her husband.

Hamida ask jodha to apply. She sits and applies it. Jalal thinks i can do anything and can make you sit in my feet. Jodha thinks i wouldnt have done this if hamida is not there. Jalal thinks i am hurt but pain is on her face. Hamida leaves. Jodha gets up and ask angrily what you think, what you want will do. Suddenly hamida comes back. Jodha again sits back, jalal complains about jodha’s anger to hamida. Jodha says look he is hurt but is going outside so i was stopping him. Hamida says i came to tell you that mirza hakim is coming.

Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21 May 2020 Update

Jalal says i know and tries to get up, hamida ask him where are you going? He says i have much work in court. She ask how he will go. Jalal says jodha will help. Jodha looks at him. Jodha gives her shoulder to him, he gets up but sits again. Jodha says hamida told you not to walk but you dont listen, why you always play games with me. I wouldnt help you if hamida was not there. Jalal ask but hamida is not here then why she is helping him.

Jodha says because you are injured . He sees benazir and says she will help me now. Benazir comes and ask how are you? Jodha says he is fine and remidy is applied and now you are here you will help jodha gets up to go. Jalal ask benazir to come and help him. She is helping him to get up and jodha is not leaving, jalal smirks . When she leaves he ask benazir that i am fine , i will go by own. He leaves . Benazir says you are only using me but i will do something before its late.

This is the end of Jodhaa Akbar Thursday 21 May 2020 Update on zee world

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