The Evil Eye Saturday 19th June 2021 Update Starlife

The Evil Eye Saturday 19th June 2021 Update Starlife: On The Evil Eye Saturday 19 June 2021, Kalashree says I will break the mirror. Nishant puts Trishul on her back and says sometimes toys work too. Ansh is cutting the mirror. Ansh (witch) breaks the mirror. Vedeshree screams no. Kalashree shoves the Trishul. Vedeshree says why did you do this? What kind of sister are you? Chetali says what will we do now? The world inside the mirror in destroying. Kalashree says bring this Vedeshree to me. This is about time we join the witch’s power.

Everyone in the mirror is in dark. Chetali says I don’t want to die. Vedeshree says I won’t let you do that. Kalashree says till the moon is here, your family has chances of coming back. You have only an hour. Save your family. Nishant says how can we trust you? She says ask your Mohana. Mohana says she is right. We can still bring them back. The kids are hidden. Mohana says we have only 10 minutes.
Vedeshree says okay, I am ready for witch join.

Adi says Pari will you do what Mohana dadi asked. Pari says I can. I need a mirror only. Mohana says I won’t let you do this. Vedeshree says Mohana I have to do this to save my family. Mohana says I don’t care if they come out or not, I can’t let her become Maha witch. Ansh (witch) ropes her. Kalashree says no one can stop me. Let’s go Vedeshree.

Pari looks for a mirror in the house. There are no mirrors. Adi says papa broke them all.
Kalashree says Vedeshree let’s start. If the moon goes down, your family won’t come back. Mohana says how can you become Maha witch Vedeshree. Don’t listen to her. Vedeshree says I can do anything for my family. Start it. Nishant says it would be impossible to stop her if she becomes Mahawtich.

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Adi says we don’t have a mirror but we can make something similar. We can make it from water. Piya cries and hugs Ansh. she says won’t we ever meet our kids? Kalashres says time is running out. She joins her hair with Vedeshree. Kalashree says the last step.
Mohana shoves Ansh (witch) and others.

The Evil Eye Saturday 19th June 2021 Update Starlife: Pari is doing what Mohana told her. Suddenly it rains inside the mirror. Piya says Adi, Pari. Ansh says this is our way to go out. Ansh and Piya hold the diamond together. Pari and Adi pull out Piya. They pull out Ansh. Avi says go Chetali. She says I can’t leave you alone. Avi says you have to go. Avi sends Shekhar and Chetali.
Kalashree slits her wrist and drops her blood. She says your turn now. Mohana is running towards them. Vedeshree slits her wrist. Her blood drips. Ansh screams mom no. Kalashree and Vedeshree disappear.

Savi says Naman, these are Dilruba’s jewels. Did you steal them? Shame on you. He says these are mind. I gave them to her. Savi says so they’re not yours anymore. He says I can give these to you as well. They’d look good on you. Dilruba comes crying. She says ma was right. Her mom says you fooled my daughter. Naman says what did I do? Dilruba says you love Savi. You gave my jewels to her. Savi says how can you do that Naman? Naman says this is a misunderstanding. Savi says what do you think of yourself? Dilruba says you can’t talk to him like that.

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Everyone is crying. Shekhar says will we do now? Mohana says we have to discard these ashes. Ansh says she is our mother. We can’t do that. Mohana says Vedeshree is gone. If these ashes remain, maha witch will form and kill us all. Ansh says there must be some way to separate them and bring ma back. Right papa? Nishant says I don’t know about witch join. If Kalashree becomes maha witch, we won’t be able to stop her.

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